Gonorrhea’s Surprise Visit

I biked up to the Dollar General store this morning and on the way home, just as I crossed the intersection on the corner, a friend of Einstein’s pulled up next door.

The friend took a couple of minutes getting out of his car because he was busy studying his Adam’s apple in the rear view mirror.

I heard the hillbillies’ back door slam as I was walking my bike up the front porch steps, and as Einstein was walking up the driveway I heard him yell out, “Hey, Gonorrhea! I didn’t know you was comin’ over today!”

So I guess Gonorrhea showed up out of the blue, without warning, but I suppose that’s the way it always goes with such infections.

Gonorrhea isn’t exactly a handsome guy, but he’s not bad looking at all … especially for a S.T.D.


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