Sleeping with a Spaghetti Squash

My hillbilly neighbors went to the food pantry yesterday and as is their custom, they brought me all of the fresh vegetables they were given because they think canned, boxed and fast food is safer. They basically don’t eat vegetables unless they’re on a pizza, burger or in a can of soup. I suppose they think if they never have to see the fresh veggie, it couldn’t possibly have been contaminated with pesticides.

Anyway yesterday I was gifted with three huge spaghetti squash and more carrots. I took the veggies to the kitchen to put them up and absent-mindedly returned to my bedroom with the third bagged spaghetti squash hanging from my left arm. Instead of making another trip to the kitchen at that moment, I sat it on the corner of my bed with the intention of taking it back when I made my next trip.

I dozed off without remembering to put up the squash and woke up holding it like a baby several hours later.

I felt stupid but honestly, that’s the closest I’ve gotten to cuddling with a living thing since I lost my cats last year.

I hope the spaghetti squash feels loved.

So I have a new friend now and I’m terribly confused. Do I eat it or let it rot? It just seems so wrong to take a knife to one’s security squash.


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