She’d Rather Wait

I’m still not feeling well and am not in the mood to write, so today is Throwback Thursday. The following dialogue took place between Alma (a 92-year-old woman I used to take care of) and myself. Alma passed away early last year at the age of 94.

May 30, 2015 at 11:08am

Alma – The weather’s been awful this year, hasn’t it?

Vicki – No.

A – You don’t think all this rain’s been awful?

V – No, awful is a destructive tornado, or being flooded out of your house. The weather we’ve been having here is terribly annoying, but I wouldn’t call it awful. That, to me, is like daring God to show us how much worse it can be.

A – What do you mean?

V – I mean, maybe it’s better to thank God for how good we’ve got it than to complain about how terrible it is.

A – I’m gonna wait for it to dry up a little.

The Mysterious Hymn

I have been hearing the faint sound of a melodic hymn for the last half hour. No words – just music. The music would play for two to five minutes, stop, then start up again. I’m not very familiar with many hymns any more but the music was beautiful! I thought it was an awfully strange thing to be hearing from next door. I’ve never heard the hillbillies play anything so beautiful or to play their music so softly – regardless of time of day.
Finally I stopped what i was doing to concentrate on the beautiful music in an effort to identify the song. I sat quietly, focusing all my attention on the music and that was when I was finally able to identify it.

It wasn’t music at all! It was a fly that had been buzzing around the room the whole time – a very musically inclined fly!

I didn’t have the heart to swat such a talented fly, so I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes trying to shoo him out the front door. I have not yet succeeded in this endeavor and he’s still serenading me with his hymn.

Herding cats may be impossible but not so much as herding musical flies.