Falling for Non-Human Fictional Characters

A woman in one of my Facebook groups recently expressed an attraction to fictional non-human characters, such as David, from Lost Boys; Hell boy; Predator; Narcisse, from Night breed, and Mr. Tumnus, from The Chronicles of Narnia. Of these characters I’m only familiar with Mr. Tumnus, but I’m wondering now if this is a “thing”. She mentioned she’d be willing to marry any of these characters, among several others.

Do people actually develop crushes on fictional, non-human entities and/or monsters? Personally, I only develop crushes on the human female characters, although I must admit I always admired the friendship that grew between Lucy and Mr. Tumnus … but why anyone would want to marry a goat-man is beyond my understanding.

I wonder if it’s still considered bestiality if the life form is half human and half critter. Or would it depend on which half was what?

I’m not sure which sounds worse:  “human brain and critter bits” or “critter brain and human bits”.

People never cease to worry amaze me.