Happy Singles Awareness Day!

It’s anti-Valentine’s Day! Also known as Singles Awareness Day. Some single people “celebrate” it on the 14th and some on the 15th, so pick your favorite day and go with it.

In the meantime I have been creating candy hearts for the occasion!

If you’ve been recently dumped, here are some candy hearts that perhaps your ex should have given to you.

img_20170213_172543 img_20170213_172340 img_20170213_172236 img_20170213_172040 img_20170213_171919

img_20170213_171811 img_20170213_171637 img_20170213_171345 img_20170213_171157 img_20170213_170637

img_20170213_165911 img_20170213_170026 img_20170213_170205 img_20170213_170354 img_20170213_170516

Or perhaps these! They’re cruel, but if you’re an honest sort of jerk, you might think of giving these to your Valentine.



With me being the awkwardly honest person I am, I was thinking about handing out these custom candy hearts to all of the people on my [nonexistent] list.

img_20170213_193838 img_20170213_193121 img_20170213_192135 img_20170213_192324

img_20170213_192016 img_20170213_191839 img_20170213_191735 img_20170213_191516




In all seriousness, I’m not at all upset about Valentine’s Day.  The truth is, I’ve been single for every Valentine’s day of my life with the exception of eight of them – and even then the day usually went unobserved.

It’s just another day, single people!  And if it helps, there are probably quite a few people today who are in relationships but wish they weren’t.  Be glad you’re not one of them!